Sunday, April 1, 2007

CATO On Immigration

I've been reading some old CATO Unbound web issues, and I like the one on Mexican migration. Richard Rodriguez has a wonderful essay on the cultural aspects of Mexican migration (here), and Douglas Massey writes about what he has learned about mexican migration from leading the Mexican Migration Project (here).

Though I enjoyed reading Rodriguez' essay a lot, I found Massey's essay more informative. Massey suggests that increased border security has actually been counterproductive to nativist goals by encouraging migrants to stay in the US, whereas before they would come to work and then leave after some time. Massey writes, "Undocumented population growth in the United States stems not from rising in-migration, but from falling out-migration."

Massey discusses the consequences of current and past US immigration policy and suggests more sensible future policy in a paper (here).

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